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Restraints & Alternatives

The E.M. Adams Company has over 700 styles of Restraints and Alternatives, from least- to most-restrictive. The following categories are a brief sampling of our most popular restraints. Please click on the category to view them. As an added bonus, we currently are under contract with most Group Purchasing Organizations (GFO). We also offer free training tools.

Restraint Alternatives
Mitts and Elbow Immobilizers
Limb Holders
Torso Support and Vests
Miscellaneous Restraints

Please contact E.M. Adams Company at our toll free number (800) 225-4788 or via email at questions@EMAdamsCo.com.

Contact E.M. Adams Company toll-free (800) 225-4788 or email us at questions@EMAdamsCo.com for more information.

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