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Restraint Alternatives

More restrictive
Only E. M. Adams gives you the path from least to most restrictive restraints.
For questions and prices, please call our toll free number (800) 225-4788 or send an email to questions@EMAdamsCo.com.

Skin Sleeve

EMAdamsCo.Com - Skin Sleeve
Arm Skin Protectors protect fragile skin, IV, and wound sites from tears and abrasions by covering the arm with a cotton and spandex-blend sleeve, covers the hand, elbow, and forearm and allows full freedom of the fingers and thumb. One size fits all. Available in tan and brown.

Activity Apron

EMAdamsCo.Com - Activity Apron
Activity Apron aids in stimulation of motor skills and occupies a patient's time. Bright colors provide visual stimulation and the materials provide different textures. Includes a zipper, pocket, picture holder, velcro strip, fur strip, and a quick release buckle.

Patient Alarm

EMAdamsCo.Com - Patient Alarm
E.M. Adams Personal Alarm uses the simple mechanisms of a magnet and pull cord. Can be used in bed, chair, or toilet. The adjustable cord attaches to the patient with a clip that attaches to the patients clothing. Alarm is activated when the magnet detaches from the alarm. The 95db alarm meets OSHA requirements. Uses one 9V battery

Grip Material

EMAdamsCo.Com - Grip Material

Sure-grip Non-slip Material helps prevent sliding, spills when eating. It creates a stable work or craft area, aids in seating and positioning. It can be used in wheelchair or Geri-chair.

Self-release Belt

EMAdamsCo.Com - Self-release Belt
Our Self-release Belt provides the extra padding required for comfort and security. Designed to be used in either wheelchair or Geri-chair to keep the patient from sliding forward. JCAHO inspired "Least Restrictive."

Torso Support

EMAdamsCo.Com - Torso Support
The Torso Belt wraps around the patient and the back of the wheelchair or Geri-chair to help keep the patient from sliding forward and to keep the patient upright in the chair. The Torso Belt's fastener may be positioned in front of patient, allowing for "self-release" or in back of chair for assisted release. Made of thick foam for comfort and quality.
Please contact E.M. Adams Company at our toll free number (800) 225-4788 or via email at questions@EMAdamsCo.com.

Contact E.M. Adams Company toll-free (800) 225-4788 or email us at questions@EMAdamsCo.com for more information.

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