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Post Mortem Bags (Body Bags)

Our high quality body bags:
  1. Helps contain body fluids to stop the spread of various diseases.
  2. Has nylon zippers that allow movement under any temperature.
  3. Has nylon zippers that will permit x-rays to penetrate without having to reopen the bag and endangering the examiners.
  4. Comes complete with toe tags, chin straps, and ties, unless specified.

We manufacture:
  • Adult hospital-grade body bags
  • Adult coroner-grade body bags
  • U-style zipper
  • Straight zipper
  • Bariatric bags
  • Pediatric bags
  • Infant bags

Please contact E.M. Adams Company at our toll free number (800) 225-4788 or via email at questions@EMAdamsCo.com.

Contact E.M. Adams Company toll-free (800) 225-4788 or email us at questions@EMAdamsCo.com for more information.

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